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Typically, as is the case with a narcissist, this individual has experienced a “narcissistic injury” whereby a close friend/lover/family member has laid a firm boundary or called out the NPD individual on their offensive behavior.The narcissistic person, by virtue of their diagnosis, cannot tolerate criticism or rejection in any form (even via constructive feedback).What this means is essentially the survivor is choosing to protect themselves from further abuse by a psychological abuser (NPD or otherwise).The survivor blocks any communication between themselves and the abusive party via text/email/phone/social media/etc.

Analysis of No Contact: Excellent and recommended stance for survivors to take to allow healing and recovery from narcissistic abuse in love, work or family.

So to further assist with defining each of these concepts, the purpose of said action, and the intended response by the “executioner” of such statements shall be the focus of this article.

Silent Treatment Definition: A psychological abuse tactic utilized by individuals with narcissistic tendencies to halt communication with a romantic partner, friend, family member, or business partner.

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Topics this week included news on pot and sleep apnea, pediatric vasculitis, and skin cancer diagnosis.

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