Sbs 2016 dhcp not updating dns

We will now proceed to create an answer file for the migration to sbs 2011. Enter your details, then double check them again before saving the file to a USB key or drive. XML file it creates to the root of your USB device. Tell the system the answer file is ready (make sure your USB key is inserted) and then click next.

If you see the screen below, then the system has not detected your USB key or drive.

This is only important if you are keeping your server after the migration. If not then do not download and updates and continue.

Now, in the background the system runs an update of the active directory schema.

Then select “Install the Migration Preparation Tool” During the install, if you see the error below, it is because you have not downloaded Powershell 2.0 and Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer, see the links here or above.

Next of all you get prompted to get the latest updates for the existing operating system.

I’m going to use an xcopy command that basically takes the whole drive and moves it to the new drive.

So, in active directory users and computers locate your users profiles and change the following value by selecting properties then profile.

Make sure you set it to the new path on your new server.

We have moved files, so now its printers As you are most likely going from 32bit to 64bit , download the latest drivers, recreate the ip ports on the sbs server and then share off the printer.

Then either map your clients to them or distribute via GPO as seen my my colleagues site here.

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In this example, I will be migrating a production server 2003 to SBS 2011, however the process is identical if you were migrating from all previous Windows operating systems.

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