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They are technically grown adults, but they too run the risk of affecting their future if they give into dating given these reasons below (in the link). We are however arguing why high schoolers shouldn't date.Why do you suppose that dating will help a teenager grow as a person when it can very well hinder a person's growth in judgment.To whoever accepts this debate, this thought has been in head for long time, I would like to see if anyone agrees with me.All my statements are general, exceptions do not necessarily counter my arguments.We can avoid distraction by not taking part in a useless practices such as this.The distractions that you refer to are distractions that are unavoidable.You are completely right in that judgment is not completely developed in his/her twenties.I do believe that college students should not date either.

It is not the fault of the relationship but the fault of the easily distracted person.Many adults and highschoolers will have sex regardless of relationships, so prohibiting dating would just make the sex even less meaningful between people. Also, notice that countries that don't advocate dating as much are on the lower end of the list.Rather than having it be something that their relationship brought them to, it would be something their sexual frustration brought them to. Thanks for accepting my debate, and thanks for the very well thought out responses. I would also like to assert that dating does not require practice.The "practice" you get in high school will be almost useless considering that no one is able to practice for the millions of differing personalities in this world.Emotional trauma Why do you think the trauma that a teen does undergo is supposed to be taken the same way as a thirty year old would?

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