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I can’t blame you if you linger on this crazy-hot photo of Kim De Jesus for a while, so go ahead and take another good long look before getting the rundown on her. De Jesus is the ultra-sultry wife of retired Major League outfielder David De Jesus, and as you can see, she literally oozes sex appeal from every pore of her ridiculous body.She’s a part-time model and actress and even appeared on the reality TV show along with friend and fellow baseball wife Kim Getz.A marvel all to themselves, the wives and girlfriends of Major League Baseball players are something to behold.Physically gifted in all the right places and photogenic as hell, most of them are celebrities in their own right, and I’m sure you can see why.), 28-year-old Larisa Frasier is a stunning former lingerie fashion model who has worked with notable brands like Michael Kors, Nordstrom, GQ and Jockey.As you can see here, you could literally throw random articles of clothing at her and Fraser would make it look good.She began modeling at just 13, and in 2006, moved to California to pursue her trade full-time.Obviously somebody noticed how hot she was, and she ended up being named Two words: tan lines.

The two were spotted sitting courtside together at a New York Knicks game earlier in April, sending the MLB and Tri-state area media into a frenzy with the news of the hot new couple.Goff and Freeman dated for a few years before getting engaged in January of 2014 and then tying the knot later that year.Now comfortably married to a 5 million man, Goff is a licensed realtor and mother to the couple’s young son, Charlie.She’s topless, drinking straight from a coconut with an eyes-closed “O” face and wet, jet-black hair flowing straight down from her tilted head all in full view of what looks like a public beach. Cedeno might have struck out almost 600 times in the Majors, but he obviously hit a home run in the Wife Department.Chelsea Goff’s cute girl-next-door smile and bubbly demeanor defines her personality pretty well, but as this photo is evidence, she’s well in touch with her sexy side.

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