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It has since grown into a full blown "lifestyle site," which describes itself as "a place where readers can find suggestions about where to shop, eat, and stay from a trusted friend—not from an anonymous, crowd-sourced recommendation engine." And what are some of those suggestions, you ask?Well, if you're in the mood for a "quick getaway," suggests checking out Blantyre, a Scottish castle replica nestled in The Berkshires in Massachusetts, which lists rates during the "festive season" as high as 00 per night for a stay in the "Ice House." Or perhaps you're in the market for back-to-school clothes for your child., the collective groan uttered in response was probably heard from space.Okay, that's a bit of a stretch and slightly unfair, since it was actually the interviewer, Cristina Alesci, who used the term "common woman" in her question, but just minutes after lumping herself in with the general populace, Paltrow describes herself as "an actor, and a mother, and entrepreneur," who is primarily focused on building her lifestyle brand, but who would also consider an acting project.Seriously, if someone bought you a 0 umbrella instead of just giving you that cash, we feel you would be justified in a court of law when you beat them senseless with it.As we just mentioned, Paltrow's GOOP newsletter, which has since grown into a full-blown lifestyle site, is known for it's outrageous product recommendations.Not to mention, the African American gentlemen in her Twitter post weren't Kanye West or Jay Z. The backlash was fierce, and though Paltrow tried defending herself a few days later, the damage was done.They're all still friends, but if we had to guess, Paltrow probably just hums along or quietly dances to her friends' music now instead of singing. , her newsletter full of unsolicited life advice that would be difficult to put into practice for anyone who isn't Oprah.

One of the internet's favorite things to do is compile lists (Guilty!But the controversy isn't always just about the pricetag.For example, GOOP came under fire after promoting jade eggs that get inserted into the vagina for the purported benefits of everything from improved sex to the creation of "kidney strength." Except real medical doctors, like gynecologist Jen Gunter, tore those claims to pieces, even going so far as to write, "I read the post on GOOP and all I can tell you is it is the biggest load of garbage I have read on your site since vaginal steaming." So, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that when GOOP began promoting Body Vibes stickers, which according to there was absolutely zero merit to the claim, one bluntly categorizing it at "a load of BS." To their credit, Body Vibes pulled the NASA-related claim, saying it was an error that happened when their "engineer was misinformed by a distributor about the material in question." GOOP also pulled the claim from their site, but included the following line in their backtracking statement: "Our content is meant to highlight unique products and offerings, find open-minded alternatives, and encourage conversation." In other words, as is the case with their founder, whether people love or hate GOOP, they're talking about GOOP, and at the end of the day, that's good for GOOP.), and over the years there have been many focused on ridiculous things Paltrow has said in interviews.Apparently, when a journalist clicks play on a recorder, Paltrow automatically shifts into some kind of hyper-snob mode.

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