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I think this time I've found the love of my life."She was also spotted in a passionate embrace with Paul Mc Gann, her married co-star in the television mini-series Catherine The Great.

Message to the audience: you're going to like these people.As he arrived, Douglas senior gave his blessing to the marriage, remarking: "I'd marry her myself but my wife won't let me."Zeta-Jones gave birth to a daughter Carys in April 2003, just weeks after collecting her Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as Velma Kelly in the 2002 film adaptation of Chicago.As well as their acting careers and their children, she and Douglas share the same birthday, September 25 - next month she will turn 44, he 69 - plus a love of golf, and houses in Bermuda, Wales, Mallorca and New York.The fling lasted four months - she ended it when her movie career took off.In 1998 she landed the role of leading lady in The Mask Of Zorro opposite A-listers Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas.

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