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This group actually meets the first Saturday of every month, so, if you miss your chance this time around, there’s always next month!Big Oscar Bash It’s that time of year and the Oscar’s are so much better when you watch them in a group…and win prizes while doing it.Come check out these ladies as they roll, crash, and elbow their way through the competition. Spokespeople Get that bike out of storage and take it for a test drive around town with a few other local spinners.

It’s also a great site if you happen to have an interest in Seattle’s oldest (and somewhat controversial) neighborhood.Best of luck in your future dating adventures, Wesley & Jocelyn With the downpour I endured during my walk to work this morning I’m guessing there’s going to be some good powder in the mountains this weekend.If you haven’t yet made it up to the mountains, now is probably a good time to get into gear as our winter has begun to fade away.Now down to the real business of this post: the weekend!This is supposed to be a good weather weekend, so take advantage of that if you can.

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Check out his blog for the results in (probably late March), but I digress.

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