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Someone said they had hypnotherapy but it did not work.

But CBT and NLT may work Saying that this phenomenon/fetish/OCD does not hurt anyone and is Not conne ted with Pedophilia! Those spoken to expressed that they would be the first to report to the athorities if a child was being harmed in any way sexually or other.

It is a total Fallacy and in the minds of the writer No Priest in the Catholic Church requires any participant in first communion or Baptism to wear a diaper and Plastic pants unless the person has a medical condition that warrants the wearing of such apparel That has come from the Vatican in Rome they do then that priest is not part of the Catholic Church and is breaking the rules of the Catholic church.

I have researched into this phenomonen and have asked people who indulge in wearing Nappies/Diapers and plastic pants.

Many people come to accept this attachment and don't view it as a "disorder" or even a problem.

It is a question of your own perception and how disruptive it is to your life.

I had to when i made my First Communion at age 11were required for all of us girls in my class and we had to wear white tights over them.

I have talked to other catholic girls who had to wear them also,and at some parishes it is a tradition for the girls to wear them.

, I know that I certainly wear diapers as a form of protection but does this mean I have regressed somehow to my early childhood and if so is this a good or bad thing? I suffer from panic attacks and ptsd and other effects left from being attacked and I know I have so many nightmares of people shouting and screaming at me or trying to kill me and I often wake up in a cold sweat in a overly soiled or sodden diaper is this coming in ptsd or am I alone in this crisis as it's literally driving me crazy to the point where I may have to get professional psychological help.In March 2010 and completely out of the blue I started having minor accidents at work which only got worse over time at first I dismissed it as a one off but then the shit hit the fan big time and I was left with no other option to go to my doctor's for a consultation and to find out what was causing it, after numerous tests they finally came to the conclusion it was all in my mind something I refuse to accept.I know this may not have anything to do with a getting although I have been accused of having one by people who don't know me and this hurts because I get teased and bullied something which really depresses me even more, So much so I tried to commit suicide fortunately I was stopped before I could do any real harm to myself.But I also know when I am in diapers I feel safe and secure and I even enjoy the feeling of padding between my legs and the cool soft plastic outer casting or cover and I often have to listen to infantile nursary rhymes in the form of music to calm me down I don't know again if this markes me out as being a baby, I also have noticed I have been using more diapers than I used to when I was a child although my memories of my childhood only go back as far as 18mths of age in 1981/82.and yes I have a teddybear and pacifier at home in my bedroom to sooth me although I don't consider myself a AB/DL does anyone have any advice as to what to do because the part about going crazy is really worrying me and I am desperate for any help as Its ruining life.

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