Sedating a cat for moving

When talking about stress, we usually acknowledge that it may damage our wellbeing, productivity and health.

But did you know that our pets, like dogs and cats, can also encounter stress?

I've tried several other calming methods & nothing has worked.

He gets very anxious, starts climbing all of you & nervously licks your arm or hand over and over.

You can also give some tasty treats now and then during the encounter.

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In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about stress in cats: what the stress is, what causes it, and most important, how to relieve stress in your cat. The first thing to note is that stress affects your cat’s behavior.

Basically, stress is a strain or tension resulting from something. We already mentioned that, and we will talk about it later. The signs listed above are only the most common signs, but you can view a longer list of signs of stress in cats here.

And it does not quite matter what kind of animals we talk about. But most important, stress affects your pet’s health. Any of these things are okay if they happen during short bursts of stress. Studies show that stress can be a contributing factor to many disease and, in turn, to a shortened lifespan. One thing to note, though, is that many apparent cat stress symptoms could actually be signs of something else.

Of course, stress is most commonly attributed to humans; however, unlike many other “human emotions” that actually are not expressed by other animals, the stress in cats is REAL, as it is real in most animal species. We do have negative associations with it, because we know that stress kills. We go hunting…that is, our cat is hungry, and he goes hunting. Keep that in mind; it’s always wise to visit a veterinarian.

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Now that you have arrived at the conclusion that your cat is in stress, the next logical step is to relieve it. So your only choice is to help your cat cope more easily with the changes. Even if you move homes, save him from all the repairs and packing, and let him explore the home gradually, on his own terms.

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