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Normally used to reverse xylazine sedation, tolazoline has produced severe signs, including initially anxiety, hyperesthesia, profuse salivation, and tachypnea.

See Selected Drugs Used in Llamas and Alpacas for antibiotics that have been used for treatment of sensitive bacteria in SACs.Even a cria with steroid cream on the muzzle nursing a dam has caused abortion.Tilmicosin has caused enough deaths in camelids to warrant the recommendation that it should not be used in these species.For short procedures, it is usually not necessary to withhold food and water; however, when deemed necessary, both should be withheld at the same time, reducing the tendency to regurgitate.Llamas and alpacas tolerate general anesthesia well and usually do not require tranquilization before induction.

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There are several options for sedation and anesthesia of camelids (see Table: Selected Drugs Used in Llamas and Alpacas).

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