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Pretty Little Liars Way better show than any of the other ones on here.It might seem shallow when you first start off, but it actually has a startling amount of depth and mystique. I mean you can actually relate with all the other characters and start worrying about them. show was way different to what I thought it would be. And it always leaves you on a cliffhanger which makes you want to watch more and more. Oh and my favorite episode is season 3 episode 19 - damon&elena. It is always full of Humor, Drama, Mystery, Thrill, Horror, and ALWAYS leaves you with a cliffhanger, I think this T. show is the BEST one around because its magical ) I usually never watch American shows but TVD changed my life, I love it.Both actors previously appeared in The Amanda Show along ..more. I think the amazing part about this show is the fact that you are never bored. All nine seasons were brought together with love, laughter, and tears. Just love this one I love this show because it shows the real life of a teenager in high school and I love all the drama. I also love the whole fight between Jake and Matty. The series, created by Dan Schneider, focuses on teenager Carly Shay, who creates her own web show called i Carly with her best friends Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. I'm really bummed that it's already the final season. There is a reason this show is number forty-four... It used to be the best, but now the seasons are getting worse & lame. Glee Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network in the United States from May 19, 2009, to March 20, 2015. Everyone will find a character that they can relate to. It's not only about high school and singing, it reveals many hidden messages that deal with everyday teens. I am a huge fan of the show, but I will admit, the season that honored Finn's death, was complete crap. It's about school, family, love, self esteem, dreams, friendship... The series centers on the Griffins, a family consisting of parents Peter (Idiotic Dad) and Lois (Nagging Wife), their children Meg (Socially Awkward Daughter) Chris (Idiotic Son), and Stewie ..more. When you are looking at the reviews on all of these shows you are probably really confused on which show to actually watch. It’s awesome Degrassi Degrassi: The Next Generation (later renamed Degrassi for seasons ten through fourteen) is a Canadian teen drama television series set in the Degrassi universe, which was created by Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood in 1979. This is the best show I have ever seen for your information. You tube's still having the show's episodes and I'am downloading every episode I like come on man please bring it up at least in the top ten - anaghamenon14 This should be in top10 lmao The Simpsons The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening that originally started on April 19, 1987 as as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. I have seen each episode a million times and I still love each and every episode Awesomest show ever! I think the new episodes are equal with the old episodes, but I find that the season one episodes are harder to watch because the animation is so crude! s HOWS and it will give you a list of all they have FOR FREE. Once you watch it you'll become completly obsessed with it. show I have ever seen Switched at Birth Best show I have ever watched along with Once Upon a Time!its a cool show I'm sad they stopped airing though - Flyingmidget12 Drake and Josh is awesome. This show is good for families, teens, and many more people. Its not such a typical teen drama, the whole plot makes it just even more interesting than those shows like vampire diaries! You definitely won't find another One Tree Hill out there. This show inspires me so much, and makes me believe in myself. I hope that MTV will always keep this show going, it also gives good advice to teens about what they should do in any of those situations. It talks all about a teenage life and also all about high school drama. I want her to stay with Matty they make a cute couple. It focuses on the fictitious William Mc Kinley High School glee club, New Directions, which competes on the show choir competition circuit while its disparate ..more. However the 6th and final season really brought the show back to its roots which I enjoyed. Family Guy was born for the teenage audience, its sense of humor is made to make a teenager laugh. If I had to choose my 5 favorite characters it would go like this: Stewie, Peter, Herbert (pedifile), Quagmire, and then Consuela. Although this show is deep and dark this is an absolutely amazing show. The plot is amazing, the zombies are gross, and after a while you start to really care about the characters. It is the fourth series in the Degrassi franchise, following The Kids of Degrassi ..more. Love this show it was very good and I just kept on watching it and it kept on getting better and better. It got its own series on December 17, 1989 and is still running as of 2018, making it the longest running animated sitcom. What this is the best totally beats all of em and family guys good too but the simpsons has always been my favorite. I changed my You Tube account name to Bart Simpson Austin & Ally Austin & Ally is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel on December 2, 2011, and ended on January 10, 2016. it sucs Futurama Futurama is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The actors are so amazing and if you OD end up watching it you should go o youtube and watch the bloopers! It starts off with 2 brothers who are trying to find there missing dad while hunting a demon that killed their mom. It is my favorite show out of all time- and lets just say I have seen a lot of shows!The show chronicles a widowed father, Danny Tanner, who enlists his best friend and brother-in-law to help raise his three daughters. Another thing that I really love about this show is that their frinds have also problems in love and they help her diced what guy will be the correct for her In other word we can said that this show is kind of gossip girl but without all that gossip hahah I hope it help you I love this show its basically a spin of sex and the city but this is in carries earlier life. Honestly, it's what got me interested in good, quality television. Even though it's SEVEN seasons long and I barely take the time to watch something like that, I don't regret a SECOND of watching this show. The characters, plot, themes, drama, they all come together to make one master (haha) piece of a show. You'll probably find yourself saying "What the hell just happened" or " that dude is SUPER HOT! Reign is such a good series for anyone as it has the romantic side for the girls and then the action side for the boys and the the drama that follows with both! and, found myself addicted to it by the end of the first episode. History is my favourite subject so Reign is reeling me in to watch more and more, I love how Mary is just creating relationships along the way. I always love watching it, it shows great family values and always leaves you feeling inspired and happy after watching. - mileycyrushugefanforever25 This show was such a good show you could and still can watch reruns of it over and over and not ever get bored. the main character is anna sophia robb and she did amazing. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American television series created by Joss Whedon under his production tag, Mutant Enemy Productions with later co-executive producers being Jane Espenson, David Fury, David Greenwalt, Doug Petrie, Marti Noxon, and David Solomon. You fall in love with Buffy and the gang almost immediately. The action is amazing, Buffy Summers is not your typical teenage girl who thinks the world is over because of one tiny problem. Joss whedon spent a lot of time teaching the viewers about the character in the show, getting us emotionally invested in them, and then killing them. The best show with the BEST characters, acting, script, plot, everything. True Blood While True Blood may not be for teens, it is an AMAZING show! " Me being a teen myself enjoys this show, I think its amazing with all the romance, action, blood, VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES, FAIRES (not the ones your thinking of either), etc. Definitely recommend that people watch it I love this show. It focuses on the lives of teenager Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears), her brother (Paul Butcher), and her friends as they attend Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), a fictional ..more. H2O: Just Add Water It's such a cute show with a lot of adventure and messages of what true friendship/love means. I love this show, and charmed is my favorite show of all time! This show is what started my mermaid obsession and what made me constantly bug my parents for a mermaid tail! It's addicting, and people should also check out the spin-off, Mako Mermaids, and the company that made both made another show called Lightning Point which is excellent as well. Definitely one of the coolest shows I've ever watched. The series' creators, Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen, wanted to create a program that would appeal to entire families, not just children. I have been watching it for years and It never gets boring.

Full House Full House is an American sitcom created by Jeff Franklin for ABC. Actors and actresses were brilliant I think they should have this show reinvited to T. It one of the shows I ha seen because it talk about a teenager how have a work a new work in NY and she is falling in love for gys that does not desser her. This show is the most amazing thing I have ever watched. How on earth can true blook be all the way downd here? It has really hot characters, very suspenseful and really interesting! The thing that is different about reign and teen wolf is that the have great first episodes of the season to hook you in and then the episodes just get better and more drama filled and action packed! Thought it was going to be dumb when I first started watching it. show is just extraordinary and I recommend this to everyone - Libby123 Make It or Break It Make it or break it is my favorite T. Maybe the author or actor is having relationship issues, or drug issues, or got pregnant, or someone close to them died. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.Or something major happened in the world: a disaster, a war, the death or birth of a public figure, a chaotic political climate, what have you. There are other forces at work in this world Frodo, besides the will of evil.Either way, it is either not intentionally called out within the work, or the reference is oblique except to those who are "in on it". See "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, Harsher in Hindsight, Heartwarming in Hindsight and Hilarious in Hindsight for the accidental versions of this, as Reality Subtext is at least semi-intentional. Also compare Enforced Method Acting, and Throw It In!

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Drake and Josh ar How about Zoey 101, that was better because it had no laugh tracks distracting the show from it's viewers. Its funny, sort of realistic, displays all kinds of emotions, and all the characters are amazing. With so much sex talk and violence in this show its teenage heaven! If you do not already love Family Guy, I suggest you watch it. This should be number one with The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf. The other shows on here are horrible in comparison to these three master shows that I watch all the time. I find that this show is really hard to keep memory of because its really complicated but its good but not as good as the vampire diaries but if you want it you've got to concentrate Brilliant series to watch The Walking Dead The Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard . This show is so amazing, not one episode is boring. This show is really amazing, I wonder why the cancelled it just when it got more interesting, I hate the ending. The series was created by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert, the writers and producers of the Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny with a Chance and Jonas. The cast is amazing and the story is really well thought out. Love it I have watched all 10 seasons Though I love all the cartoon shows, this one is my favorite. I love this show it's so amazing -Sarah It is so confusing to me.

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