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Each time you push (or pull) the wire, the clocks will strike the next hour. 3) Make sure minute hand is not caught on hour hand.Your clock, being a precision mechanism, needs periodic maintenance to keep it running reliably and to give it long life.Carefully place the clock where it is to be used, on a stable, level surface.Lift one side of the clock gently two inches, then put it down, to start the pendulum swinging. Beals Jerome and Co Junghans Keebler Kienzle Kroeber M. Atkins and Co Mauthe New Haven Raingo Freres Seth Thomas W and H Waterbury William S. These instructions apply to keywind pendulum clocks that are time only, or that have hour strike, or hour and half-hour strike.(The strike train makes a noise called the warning.) Move the minute hand backwards to 15 minutes before the hour. Repeat until the number of hours struck is one less than the hour that the hour hand points to. Make sure clock is on a stable surface and does not rock.

We will check the condition of the movement, and check that the mainspring ratchets are secure.

Turning the front of the nut to the right speeds up the clock, and turning it to the left slows it down (in other words move the nut up to speed up, or down to slow down). On most American antique clocks, the alarm is set by turning the disc in the center of the dial.

Turn the disc so that numeral of the hour you want the alarm to ring is located under the hour hand.

Turn the key with a smooth motion, stopping when the spring is tight.

The left square winds the strike mainspring and the right side winds the time mainspring.

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