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Dad knew something was up when it seemed Arnie was purposely screwing around the work schedules and giving my dad inconsistent shifts, mainly nightshifts and graveyard. Before the real shit started going down, I was surprised when to get a job interview. I responded with smug confidence and a smirk, Like father. I guess it was weird to learn that we had more things in common, even if that meant they were all sexually related. It seems horny hairy fucks like us are a part of our familys legacy, son! Cindys ass was sending signals to my throbbing dick like a homing beacon.

I had gotten my good share of tail in high school but in college, I was chasing pussy as my major and drilling their tight asses as my minor.

He was always an asshole towards me and treated me like shit. First it was getting hard together, getting head together, licking cunt together.

My parents met in high school and always seemed to hang out with a bad crowd. And what about you bonerboy, ever had your ass probed? Then it was jacking off, doin doggy together and now, finally, the anal reciprocation!

Getting straight to the sex without all the fuckin bells and whistles. Mom packed and moved while he was left with our run-down house and an assortment of dead-end jobs. Arnie kneeled beside my father, Yeah, spread that ass, Charles! My old man responded with a loud grunt as he continued to thrust his man-meat into Suzy.

I was only interested in blowing my wad in as many girls as possible. I had moved back to town in the last two years and was living with a girl roommate who loved to fuck me even though she had a girlfriend. Thats it, honey, take my fuckin prick up your dirty slut-hole!

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