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A Malian migrant who scaled a Paris apartment block to save a four-year-old child was hailed Monday as an "example" by President Emmanuel Macron, who welcomed him to the presidential palace and offered him citizenship.The winds of change are blowing through Chile where a youthful sexual revolution is shattering taboos -- but also sparking an explosion of HIV cases that has set off alarm bells in the traditionally conservative Latin American country.US philosopher Michael Sandel, a fierce critic of the influence of the business world on society, was awarded on Wednesday Spain's prestigious Princess of Asturias award for social sciences, with the jury describing him as "one of today's foremost intellectuals".

There are no such documents.” Spin Magazine, Vol.

10 No.4, 1994“ The HIV-causes-AIDS theory is one hell of a mistake.” Foreword, “ Inventing the AIDS Virus”“ Years from now, people will find our acceptance of the HIV theory of AIDS as silly as we find those who excommunicated Galileo.”“ Dancing Naked in the Mind Field,” 1998“ Where is the research that says HIV is the cause of AIDS?

There are 10,000 people in the world now who specialize in HIV.

None has any interest in the possibility HIV doesn’t cause AIDS because if it doesn’t, their expertise is useless.”“ People keep asking me, ‘ You mean you don’t believe that HIV causes AIDS?

’ And I say, ‘ Whether I believe it or not is irrelevant!

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Six land iguanas, endemic to the Galapagos Islands, have been relocated within the Pacific archipelago due to food shortages and overpopulation on the islet where they lived, Ecuador's Galapagos National Park said Tuesday.

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  1. ” or “wouldn’t having faster-growing neurons increase your cancer risk? You can certainly use an AI like the ones in chess-playing computers, but nobody’s very scared of the AIs in chess-playing computers either. Remember the classic programmers’ complaint: computers always do what you tell them to do instead of what you meant for them to do.