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It used to be common for brainy women to drop out of college when they became pregnant.Now they can time their babies to fit with their careers.If a man got a woman pregnant the couple got married; in 1960 in America 30% of brides gave birth within eight and a half months of the wedding, according to June Carbone of the University of Minnesota and Naomi Cahn of George Washington University.

Many parents find it hard to balance work and family, but there is not much apparent difference between the sexes on this score: 56% of mothers and 50% of fathers say this is “very” or “somewhat” difficult.

The men in Tallulah are typically not well educated: the local high school’s results are poor even by Louisiana’s standards. A man without much book-learning could find steady work at the mill or in the fields. Mr Davis supports both of his, he says: one, financially; the other, by visiting and helping around the home.

But the lumber mill has closed, and on nearby farms “jobs that used to take 100 men now take ten,” observes Jason Mc Guffie, a pastor. He says he is still friendly with one mother, but “not in a committed relationship”.

Nor do many of the young men who hang around on street corners, shooting dice and shooting the breeze.

In Madison Parish, the local county, only 47% of men of prime working age (25-54) are working. Neither man lives with any of the mothers or any of their children.

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