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Of course, the importance of religion varies for everyone.For 23-year-old Jess*, it’s her most important criterion when considering a romantic partner: “The most important person in my life is Jesus and if theirs isn't too then we're always going to have different priorities and different beliefs about how we should live our lives,” she explains. There are endless underhand tactics, unspoken rules and too many options.From the outside it seems like today’s commitment-phobic millennials have no interest in settling down, but there’s one sub-group of young people who tying the knot younger than most: Christians.

Don't forget women are here as well for casual sex; don’t turn them away with useless romance.And as they’d never had sex, Jack thinks the break-up wasn’t as hard as it might have been: “Because there hadn’t been many of those sexual ties, it didn’t feel quite as connected to me,” he explains.A couple of weeks later, Jack’s ex met a Christian guy at university and six months later they were engaged.“It's hugely empowering and liberating and I think it's made me more relaxed about dating from the outset,” she explains.In a society that still tells us we need a boyfriend or girlfriend and regular sex to be happy and successful, it’s a refreshing point of view.

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