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Summer highs along the coast are often in the upper 80s.The central region, from Charlotte to Raleigh-Durham, experiences slightly hotter summers and cooler winters.Places like Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham Chapel Hill offer a wide variety of performing arts, museums and art galleries.Cost of Living & Taxes North Carolina ranks slightly lower than average in overall tax burden on its residents.Here, summer highs are in the mid-80s and winter highs are in the 40s. The rest of the state experiences just two inches that tends to melt within a day or two.Recreation, Culture & Entertainment Recreational enthusiasts at 55 communities can enjoy everything from beaches to mountains.The Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains make for great hiking, biking, fishing and camping.

Along the coast, the ocean moderates the temperature and provides residents with milder winters and slightly cooler summers.Healthcare Some of the country s best healthcare is found in North Carolina.There are 126 hospitals throughout 83 counties and Charlotte has highest concentration of hospitals with seven in the city.My ideal mate is someone that is strong, confident,and knows where he is going in life.He would be that individual that doesn't mind showing his emotions.

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North Carolina retirement communities have emerged as popular second retirement destinations for the so-called "half-backs" or "second chance" retirees.

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