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Payne Institute came into being in spite on objections of white South Carolinians who had a fear of educated African-Americans, and of black and white missionaries from the northern states, who questioned the ability of the AME Church to undertake such an educational enterprise.

Through God’s grace, the Reverend Miller presented the deed for the land and buildings to the Columbia Annual Conference of the AME Church in 1871, making Payne Institute the property of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

I was at Allen University on yesterday helping my daughter get enrolled. Now I have a BA, it's helped me out alot n my military career. Everybody who knows me knows that I'm a die hard Allenite!

It is a very small quaint HBCU but I felt at ease when we departed. Allen has taught me many professional & life skills that I know I couldn't receive from any other institution!

I am glad to have had the privilege of attending Allen University. My friend, brother in Christ, and fellow Alunite we him very much!! My 1st husband, James Bright and I were quite successful in our teaching and performing music endeavors. We were also adequately prepared for the competiveness of graduate schools- Columbia University, Rutgers University, SUNY, Lehigh University, University of Alabama, and University of South Carolina.

Every University has had its share of hard times but my Alma Marta has been a strong HBCU for 147 years and I believe Change is coming I've been a life Scholar and Dean list recipient from 2010 until Graduating in 2014. It was rough its an old school But highly respected.Her highschool track coach made the suggestion that my Erika attend this University and participate in their track program. We maybe small in number but the bond you build with each & every person you encounter is life changing!The coach at Allen is willing to give my child a chance at continued greatness and I am willing to gamble on THIS school to help her achieve maximum greatness. I LOVE MY HBCU 💙🐝💛 #AUPRIDE #Class Of2016 Allen has made some drastic changes since I've been here.Reverend Miller, who served as Presiding Elder of the Abbeville District of the AME Church and as founding past of Miller Chapel AME Church in Newberry, saw that hope become reality in the establishment of Payne Institute.The school was named in honor of Bishop Daniel Alexander Payne, a native South Carolinian, the founder of Wilberfoce University and the driving force behind the quest for an educated clergy and laity in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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