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He was also to appear in the 2002 film Resident Evil as the main character, but turned down the role.In 2003, he appeared in the music video for singer Dido's hit single "White Flag", and was the voice of Leon (Squall Leonhart) in the video game Kingdom Hearts, but he did not reprise his role in the sequel.Hunter and Kathleen Biden have agreed to work together so that they can finally be apart.Both members of the estranged couple filed consent motions in Washington DC Superior Court stating that they are now hoping to resolve their split without 'continued litigation.' The move comes one week after Kathleen stated in court documents obtained by Daily that Hunter, 47, was spending money on 'drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, and strip clubs.''The parties recognize the benefit to themselves, their children, and their families in moving to finalize their divorce amicably and privately,' the couple said in their filing, which was obtained by Page Six.Daily also manged to spot Hunter's estranged wife Kathleen Biden over the weekend as she went out to eat with friends and then for a run in her Washington DC neighborhood.When news broke of the new couple earlier this week, Joe and Jill provided a comment stating how happy they were for the couple.He also prepared props for Best of the Best II (also released in 1993), which stars Eric Roberts, where he also had a small uncredited role; Boreanaz is seen briefly standing to the left, as the characters Tommy Lee and Alex enter a nightclub (which is a front for an illegal fighting ring).

One person who does appear to be supporting Kathleen during this time though is good friend Michelle Obama.Kathleen is asking for a divorce and sole custody of her minor child with husband Robert 'Hunter' Biden in documents filed on December 9 of last year.That is over a year after Kathleen claims she and Hunter formally separated in October 2015, which was three months after she kicked him out of their home on July 5, 2015 because of 'his conduct the night before.' Kathleen does not detail that conduct in her filing, which would have occurred one month after Hunter lost his brother Beau to brain cancer.Hunter and Hallie have yet to be photographed together since news of their relationship broke, and Daily caught the two going to great lengths to avoid the cameras when they were both spotted at a Walgreens over the weekend.Hunter and Hallie both exited separately after their trip to the pharmacy.

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