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In the Greco-Roman world letters followed certain conventions.

They would begin with a salutation followed by prosaic words of thanksgiving.

The letter specifically addresses them in verse 2 along with “all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Together we are followers of Jesus Christ, and we should be people who are longing for His return.

In these opening lines, he has full confidence that God has given the Corinthians a sure calling and hope, an enriching of their mouths and minds, and spiritual gifts for every need and occasion.

Exuberance abounds in the “every” and “all” of verse five.

The wait may seem long as we serve God in this fallen world, but He has promised us His Holy Spirit to guide us and keep us “blameless” to the end (v. Apply the Word Faithfulness is a characteristic that pleases God. Paul suggests here that when we serve God with our spiritual gifts, we are following Him well. 1 Corinthians 1:4–9 Thanksgiving: Gratitude for the Way Christ Enriches Lives Today in the Word A 2011 survey by the United States Postal Service indicated that the typical American home receives a personal letter—not including greeting cards or invitations—once every seven weeks. A stream of advertisements still arrives; but personal letters have largely been replaced by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

In Paul’s days, letter writing was the only option if you wanted to send a message to far-flung friends.

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