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A lot of men’s health topics are difficult for guys to bring up during their doctor appointments. If you do get brave enough to talk to your physician, they might prescribe you Viagra and, happily, Pfizer does have a patient assistance program (PAP) to distribute Viagra to low income individuals for free.Pfizer recently revamped their old PAP, Connection to Care, but they still cover all of the same medications under the new name “RX Pathways”.

In order to prove your household’s income, you and every adult who contributes financially to the household will be required to send in supporting documents.

At around 75 days after you’ve been accepted in the program, your doctor should be able to call in and request a refill.

Pfizer may have changed their program a little but you can still get free medication if you qualify.

After you’ve filled out your portion of the application, you will need your physician to sign their parts.

RX Pathways requires actual signatures, no stamped signatures will be accepted.

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