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I am working full-time and working on my Master's, so right now I'm doing more studying and in-house work, but I do get out nights and evenings. I go back to the United States, and I forget some of my defense mechanisms.

After I finish speaking to you, I'm going out dancing. I had never left the United States before I left for Qatar. Of course, you still have occasional lazy students who don't do their work, and won't get the automatic A they think they will get in an art class. There is disparity everywhere (not always the same, but economic, religious), but here, it's very checked.

But I often need the inspiration of my fellow humans, as well.

I am more extroverted here in Doha than I was back home in the United States.

And I don't have to deal with anything (repairs, etc.)!It's easy to be involved with someone who has short-term intentions.It's easy to get wrapped up in fears and expectations between starting to date, hoping for the marriage and children ...When I go back to the States, I have to adjust to be kinder. And I guess I am more aware in my driving — aware of that land cruiser coming at top speed, or people running across or walking along the road.About five times I've flashed the smile: "Can I get into your lane? In the United States, I was near family, so most of my time was spent with family, and a few core friends.

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I don't want to forget how to budget and do things for myself. When I got here, I had anticipated it being a short-term thing, but now it's four years.

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