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An over-all female surplus can be detected in Southern Europe as well, although it is uncertain why exactly this is the case.

In the Northern Europe, the gender balance of the population has shifted.

Psychoanalyst Ansis Stabingis lists two reasons why women have been more adaptive to this capitalist shift; they have higher tendencies to seek professional mental help and since many of them are single mothers, their children might help them to keep going.

Most importantly, the fall of the Soviet Union and the upcoming of capitalism has mostly taken a toll on men.

After giving an overview of different EU-regions, European cities will now be central.

Everywhere in Europe, another trend can be detected; that of a female surplus in urban regions.

Men are usually under more pressure to flee their country – they might be forced to join armed forces or are threatened to be killed by them – and furthermore, they tend to take the journey first before they bring their wives and children over. Thomas Johansson explains that there could be two tendencies; women could either increase their bargaining power when picking a partner because they will have more men to choose from.

Or, and the second tendency is less optimistic, it might lead to an increased risk of harassment from men.

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