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We figured out how to cut all expenses to the bone, eventually getting used to – and enjoying! Debt, even “good” debt or “small” debt, kills you when things go wrong.

I had vowed to get rid of all our debt and achieve financial freedom once and for all.

(Okay, no I won’t, but I will wonder what’s wrong with you… ] ****** Many people think it’s impossible for a family to just live on one income nowadays. When my husband and I first got married over 15 years ago, we were both blissfully ignorant and naive.

In fact, 60% of families are dual income, with both mom and dad working outside the home, while back in 1960, 70% of families had only the dad working outside the home. I fully expected we would both work forever and earn roughly the same amount.

Although the job loss wasn’t ideal, we were able to figure things out.

I was in an MBA program and could go to classes on nights and weekends while working full time, and we still managed to pay our bills while saving and investing.

In my real life, I don’t know any other moms that work full time supporting their family while their husband is a stay at home dad.

The downside of this schedule, of course, is only seeing each other on the weekends.Here are five keys on how we’re able to do it: I don’t budget (gasp! I took out a 15-year mortgage specifically to force myself into higher payments.I automatically save/invest for college, retirement, and mortgage freedom.I would work 6 AM until 3 PM, come home, then my husband would immediately go to work from 4 PM – AM.We saved and invested for retirement and college, eventually selling our condo and buying a house.

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