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Her ample chest was obscured by an armload of books. " she giggled again, and turned the corner into the classroom, leaving me alone in the hallway. They were mature enough to be good students, but that maturity had a life outside the classroom.

Mild tease, and according to scuttlebutt, still a virgin, despite her boyfriend's repeated attempts to change that status. The empty halls held little to interest me now, so I decided to head back to my office. But girls will be girls, and they will always find a way to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Rarely did the earlier years mix with the seniors, and within those seniors were sub-cliques. Even from behind, I could practically hear her roll her eyes.

With no boys to muddle the environment, the girls broke into their little cliques, which had the convenient side effect of sorting them for my viewing pleasure.

Owens," I heard from behind me, and turned to find an attractive brunette smiling at me. They were living proof of the old saying about birds and flocks. I deal with the administrative crap, and remind the young ladies in my charge that the rules are meant to protect their decorum, purity, and chastity. A pretty, if unremarkable face, and a body that appeared to have been fashioned by a sculptor with a breast fetish, and a sharp chisel.

Over in the corner, Melissa and her friends were chatting loudly. "I was bored at home, so I'm just hangin'," she nodded. Chillin'." I looked down at her smiling face, taking in her whole package, and let me tell you, she definitely had the whole package.

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I do occasionally bump into students outside of school. For starters, she usually wore her hair up, and always had her glasses on. "My friends are waiting," she said softly, reading my gaze.

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