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Though he had branched out as a solo artist, he is part of Shinhwa and just released Shinhwa’s 9th album.Dongwan released his debut solo album, ¡°Kimdongwan Is¡±, on July 5, 2007, which featured collaborations with his fellow Shinhwa members, including Andy rapping in the song “Loving Summer,” Shin Hyesung singing a duet with Dongwan in “The One Left Alone,” and Eric rapping in “My Love.” The other members have contributed to the album as well, with Lee Minwoo writing, composing and arranging the song “My Love,” and with Junjin helping him with choreography.While dancing for his group, Dicky Ducky, as a student at Jun Joo Fine Arts School for the Everland dancing competition, Lee was spotted by some SM Town members and became a part of the much known boy band, Shinhwa.Although he started out as a rapper and a singer, he stopped rapping as Shinhwa continued to release albums.Name : Kim Dongwan 김동완 Date of birth : November 21st, 1979 Education : Dogok Elementary School, Hwimoon High School, Woosoong Information College, Sangmyeong University, Acting Kookmin University Physique : 171cm, 68kg Nickname : Saojong Blood type : O Family: Kim Youngjin [Father], Park Gwemi [Mother], Kim Inwan [Younger Brother] Religion : Christianity Hobbies : Photography, snowboarding, inline skating, movies Talent : Playing piano and guitar Motto : As a man, if you can’t endure, DIE!!!Favorite food : Korean food, steak, sushi, sashimi Favorite colors : Green, Blue Favorite musicians : Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Yoo Youngjin Kim Dongwan’s parents had divorced and he had grown up without his father.Dongwan expressed gratitude for their contributions, saying, “I¡¯ve been working together with the group Shinhwa, thus there was a lot of pressure working on the solo album, but since the other members showed up and helped me with most of it, it has been a great big help for me.¡± Dongwan¡¯s first single was the ballad, “Handkerchief”, a song about a guy who consoles his girlfriend and wipes away her tears.Despite Shinhwa’s genre in music like American R&B and bubblegum pop, Dongwan said he wanted his album to be more Jpop influenced, having redone a song by Glay and Exile in the album.

He joined SM Entertainment as a trainee and was featured as a rapper on label mate girl group S. He stated that their debut album Resolver did not perform well and the band almost disbanded.One song from the album, “Liar”, actually only has Dongwan as the vocalist, along with Eric Mun as the rapper.He also wrote, composed, and arranged a song on the album, titled “Set Free”.Lee first started his solo act in 2003 when Shinhwa was on hiatus.He has since released three successful studio albums. Aside from singing, Lee has also appeared in Korean television dramas and movies, with and without his bandmates.

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