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Lawyer Brittany Barnett told Daily that Kardashian wanted to ask the President Trump to grant Alice Johnson clemency in an anticipated face-to-face.

'Today's her birthday, so no greater gift than freedom on her birthday,' Barnett said of her 63-year-old client petitioning for a pardon.

The son of an Austin jeweler and the teenager's girlfriend have been arrested for hiring someone to murder his father so he could get his hands on a lucrative multi-million dollar life insurance payout.

Nicolas Shaughnessy and Jaclyn Edison, both 19 (bottom left and right), were charged on Tuesday over the violent home invasion that saw his father Theodore Shaughnessy (top) shot dead.

Despite insisting that she was sorry and regretted the tweet, Barr then returned to Twitter on Wednesday to reject accusations she is racist and said she is considering fighting back.

A former adviser to Donald Trump claims that 'two and perhaps more' informants approached him prior to the presidential election with information that would have 'jammed up' the campaign in some way.

One of the sources said that Gilbert is dealing with the cast and crew after the fallout from creator Roseanne Barr's racist tweet left over 200 people without a job, and will be speaking with writers and producers later this week in a meeting that had already been planned prior to Tuesday.

The second source said that Goodman and Metcalf would be open to filming with one another and Gilbert, provided that the writers and producers could come up with the right idea.

She also spends a lot of time practicing on the piano and guitar. While the president was passing out signing pens to the event's participants, the boy repeatedly went in for a hug.

Chilling video has emerged showing the suspected gunman who killed 17 people and wounded 17 more at a Florida high school in February bragging about his plans to carry out the massacre. I can’t wait.’ The video clips were released by Florida prosecutors. After several attempt's the president rewarded him with an embrace and a kiss.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders nearly lost her composure at Wednesday's press briefing after a young boy asked a question about the fear that he and his classmates share that they'll 'get shot' at school.

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