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Adam is passionate about making human connection more accessible and central to culture.

Aside from Shhh Dating, he commands the company Togetherness and continues his trainings as a consellor and facilitator.

But he just couldn't help but feel threatened by them now that he knew they would for sure be out for Haruhi.

He looked at his muscles on his torso and decided he was going to start training again. He got in bed and went to bed, having a certain brunette girl plague his dreams.

On the 27th and 28th of April Slow Dating Vienna hosted a silent dating for the very first time in the city.

This kick-off event, was conducted by the amazing Adam Wilder, the founder of Shhh Dating in London, where it remains one of the most unique dating events for more than five years!He changed and looked at himself in the mirror and then pictured the others.He knew that he had more matured looks then the others and they were definitely handsome, he just thought that he did look different and the best.I sighed as I filled my cup with water, recalling what happened with Mitsukuni for the third time that night.-A little while ago, Third POV-"Takashi! Mori grabbed the boy to make sure he didn't fall, smiling all the while."How'd it go with Haru-chan? Mori looked at his cousin and nodded, "I confessed to her and she said she had feelings for me too.""Uwah~ Really! ""Takashi you know that all the others hold feelings for Haru-chan...So do I get to become Uncle Mitsukuni in the future? It was just out of luck that you were able to confess to her first.

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