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Some Socials are age or relationship restricted as well - like not being able to flirt with Children or a sibling, and having extra chit-chat options with Neighbors like 'Complain about Local Youths', Changes in the Neighborhood, and Property Values.Conversation Context Using several Social Interactions in a row and having them accepted, your Sim's conversation options will expand or, if negative, grow meaner and more direct.Be the center of attention and queue up multiple socials on your target future pal.Friendship Levels For this one, I'll focus on the positive relationships in The Sims 4, although you can certainly make enemies.Conversation When Sims use Socials, they are drawn into a Chat.Each of the Sims can use a social and draw another in, to the point that your Sim may be interacting with a number of them.

When it reaches the following percentages, you are at that Relationship Level: The ability to be Best Friends is unlocked once you hit 80% with another Sim.We will focus on Friendships for now, and expand on Romance with this guide and Woohoo/Mess Around for Teens here.If you can make Friends, you can definitely find a Boyfriend or Girlfriend for your Sim, so reading either of these should help.When your Sim doesn't interact with another for days, you will see these bars go down.A past friend or old flame will be easier to build back up to where it was before, as you should have more options.

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