Single parent dating alabama

Were there no attempt to bring down the government through coloured-coup-like tactics?

Were there no strikes by "unions" (on the pay-roll of CIA) against Allende government?

Those "regimes" which try to democratize both the economy and the state, usually become much less vulnerable to "coloured coups" and instead the imperialism resorts to overt "military coup". all went victim to military coups not to "coloured coups".

There are likely lists of other countries that shall be attacked by such means.

What is really behind the Gezi-park demonstrations in Turkey and the protests in Bangkok?

As example see how the west is dealing with Hezbollah a non state actor of a very small country ,it is treating him with great cautiousness.

Or China response to their dirty games in South China Sea sorry related to my previous post Georgia 2008 is the only response the West really understood.

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