Sinopsis rule of dating korean movie

Gun Woo sits in the living room, waiting for Hwang Yong to finish eating, before asking for a private chat with Hwang Yong outside.

Soon Geum wants to go out too, but Hwang Yong tells her to stay behind.

Hwang Yong’s face reads, “ Gun Woo returns to his father’s office and looks at the ticket.Out the door Young Hee goes, screaming and flailing under his blanket covers, in front of the breakfasting Kang family and their guest Hwang Yong.Soon Geum tsks as she takes out a bowl of fruit for the family.If anyone is to take responsibility, she should for stretching out the neck of his expensive shirt.Da Kyum retorts that he can pretend he just slept with a girl from a bar then. (I take it back – Young Hee is NOT adorable.) With tears in her eyes, Da Kyum says that she’s sincere as well.

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Da Kyum scoffs – there’s no way he would be able to stop himself if he desired her as a woman.

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