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I didn’t really think to much about it as my sliced pork was excellent as it usually was but I started questioning why such a popular BBQ chain was changing things that brought on its success.I can provide pictures of what I received if anyone is interested but I think that will be my last time eating at Sonny’s or recommending them. I SHE SAID SHE WOULD ASK THE MANAGER AND WHEN SHE CAME BACK OVER 15 MINS LATER SHE SAID HE SAID (N0) SO I WALKED TO THE FRONT TO PAY MY BILL AND IT WAS .06 AND I ALSO SAW PEOPLE GOING OUT WITH TO GO BOXES, NEEDS TO SAY I DID NOT GIVE HER A TIP.Sonny’s BBQ was founded in 1968 in Gainesville, Florida, by Floyd “Sonny” Tillman and his wife Lucille. Sonny’s BBQ offers a “Random Act of BBQ” each August in honor of Tillman’s birthday. In 2015, the company sold off 9 out of its 10 company-owned locations in Florida, in hopes of better managing their other locations.

I’ll barbecue my own rent or find another company that sells. Every time we order ribs to go they are mostly the over cooked and hard inedible ribs. Tonight my husband bought 2 pull pork sandwiches 1 brisket dinner and side of saint louise style ribs. I was a Resteraunt manager I hate these complaints. I insisted on her manager and when someone finally came to the phone, IF it was the manager, I advised her of the rude employee then she curtly took my order, but told me it was going to be a 2-1/2 hour wait.

Answer 1: The phone number for Sonny's BBQ is (407) 660-8888. Answer 2: The CEO of Sonny's BBQ is Robert Yarmuth. Answer 3: Sonny's BBQ was founded by Floyd "Sonny" & Lucille Tillman in 1968. When I said something I was told they don’t put real bananas in it it’s just Banana flavored. Reply Sonny’s BBQ use to be my favorite restaurant in the USA.

Tagged as: Sonny’s BBQ address, Sonny’s BBQ complaint desk, Sonny’s BBQ complaints, Sonny’s BBQ corporate address, Sonny’s BBQ corporate office headquarters, Sonny’s BBQ customer complaints, Sonny’s BBQ headquarters, Sonny’s BBQ home office, Sonny’s BBQ main office, Sonny’s BBQ office address, Sonny’s BBQ office email, Sonny’s BBQ office fax, Sonny’s BBQ office phone, Sonny’s BBQ office phone number We went to the one on Little Road in New Port Richey. The menu however clearly states it contains fresh bananas. Has someone from New York became the CEO of Sonny’s…?

I never checked but they may have even discontinued the sliced pork….not that will probably be next….whoever you got making these decisions to change the way these items was originally intended to be will ending up hurting the business in my humble opinion. WE DINNED OUT DINNED OUT SIDE AND IT TOOK THE WAITRESS 30 MINS. AFTER TAKING OUR ORDER SHE BROUGHT MY WIFE THE WRONG THINKS. WE REORDERED HER MAC N CHEESE AND I ORDERED MORE PORK RIBS. We usually just ask for the manager at that point and then it’s miraculously available.

Have a great day Dale (Eating at Sonny’s since 1985) Reply I went up to Sonny’s in Lake City Florida to order a rack of ribs St. Someone there must just really not like to pull chicken, last time’s order was so full of bones & gristle, my dog choked on it.

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