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Most ranges set strict guidelines on range rules which can limit a persons ability to advance their skill and comfort level.A few examples of these restrictions are rapid fire (or shooting more than 1 round per second), magazine changes, or drawing from your holster. What you see here is Phase I of a three Phase project. Here is the Pittsboro Town Board Contact Info - Pittsboro Mayor William G. Do it for the future of of our children and STOP the BULLYING! Dental Day Event to take Place Subject: Help Stop the Bullying! On Tuesday night there will be a public hearing about the proposed Chatham Park Development.Range 2A was developed as a facility where responsible, safe, legal firearm owners can come to practice.

Spring Choral Concert and Memorial Concert at Northwood HS 6. I was thankful it wasn't something more major and that I could of had a ruined engine very quickly.

They represent 0.156% of Chatham County that is trying to put up a "Get Off My Lawn" sign on future development. Won't you take a minute and just drop a quick email?

" It really won't take much to stop the bullying by Pittsboro Matters.

It was designed and built to fill the need for safe, responsible, law abiding firearm owners to have an enjoyable place to practice.

Range2Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need Java Script enabled to view it Range 2A is a private, members only outdoor range located just outside of Pittsboro, NC.

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