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Your Economy flat bed can be color matched to your new truck if you choose.

Many tough Economy beds have been on two or three trucks.

Around here folks have come to depend on the Economy Flatbed for all sorts of needs from farm and ranch to construction work and other industry, or to just fix up that ol' truck.

Surrounding municipalities return year after year for their truck bed and equipment needs.

The name "France" originally was used to refer to several peoples in the lower Rhineland.

It gradually was introduced as a more widespread term to denote that territory, formerly known as Gaul, after the Frankish invasion and the retreat of the Romans.

French national identity is based on the historical origins of the nation in Celtic, Gallo-Roman, and Frankish cultures.The degree to which France is today a homogeneous nation is a highly contested topic.Political and linguistic unification, especially through mass education, has been an ongoing project of nationalism.The immigrant population comes mainly from Portugal and northern Africa, although there has been increasing immigration from eastern Europe.France takes a highly assimilationist approach to its immigrant populations.

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Economy Manufacturing is a true custom shop, which means you do not have to settle for what is in a catalog!

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