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Thanks to an impeccably tuned suspension, meticulously selected ratios and Satan’s own powerband, the pace is fervid, the progress distraction-free.A little seat time quickly confirms Lamborghini’s German intervention was the wrong move. The Italian F430 is opera to the Gallardo's heavy metal.No matter the season, you’ll love the drive through beautiful horse country.Enjoy a leisurely lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch to sample local fare, and make a stop to pick up provisions for the road trip ahead to North Carolina.The engine-under-glass effect underlines the point. The branded induction system is the automotive equivalent of a brace of elephant guns gleaming in Hemingway’s weapons case: immaculately oiled, ready for action. The F360 Modena was a high-revving beast whose blood curdling howls were the mother of adrenal acceleration. The F430’s manumatic engages the clutch with balletic grace– or NHL savagery.

On your way to the next destination, stop at Sky Meadows State Park in Paris, Virginia, and step onto the famous Appalachian Trail in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.That said, the F430's [optional] ceramic brakes' linear stopping and progressive punch leaves little need for computerized intervention. I have never been so hardwired to a machine before; if Ferrari had an online dating service, would be screwed (so to speak). Credit is due to the optional “carbon fiber driving zone” and its F1-inspired tiller.Though silly at first, the little red hash at the twelve o’ clock position provides entirely useful Pavlovian conditioning (for a mere five grand). Calling the F430 fast is like calling Miss America determined.

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