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Everyone offended by the actions of the others, seemingly pleased with the smell of their own…opinion. ’ Each side seemed keen to paint the other as variously racist, or stupid or right-wing. There were, it is quite true, noisome and emboldened racists and closet Xenophobes who were gleefully paraded and quoted by The Sun and The Guardian alike, though for opposite purposes.

I think we would do well to remind ourselves that not every “remain’ voter thinks as Ms Penny’s does. There are people who thought there was no good choice in this referendum.

Every political party campaigned hard for a “Remain” vote – but Britain still chose to Leave, even if we’re regretting it this morning. But I dislike the bigoted generalizations and crude stereotyping of the Leave voters.

Now surely there is a realisation there, at odds with all that preceded it. And I say that not because I am a depressed, craven xenophobe, but because I have thought about it. I met some of them and some of them were thoughtful and considered, decent people.

Laurie Penny begins by describing the vote as a victory of, Straight out of the gate, Ms Penny suggests that Remain was guided by ‘common sense’, while Leave and its voters were ruled by prejudice, naked xenophobia or craven fear. Apparently the referendum was a painful catastrophe of good people with common sense, being smothered by a mob of stupid people. Does the author have an inkling where this stupidity lurks? And this lizard-brained, lack of caring goes along with a selfish concern with their own personal welfare. No room here for different reasons, different thinking, different world views.

The author seems above all to want to control how we see the debate.

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It was largely just an eruption of bile and bigotry. There were plenty of assumptions about what people felt or thought or feared.

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