Speed dating paris vendredi

) who blows off pregnant wife and child, 708; Interval of Issues-Resolution, 716; Ninth Step, 815; Pulsing Blue Light, 833; White-Knuckle, 838; Poor Me, Poor Me, Pour Me A Drink, 839; Church of Perpetual Revenge (CPR)--what White Flaggers call AA, 844; "One Day at a Time" "Keep It in the Day" 858; "AA's real gift: it's no accident they call it The Present" 860; Old Cold Bird, 860; 13th-Stepping (newcomer-seducing), 863; "Let [thoughts of taking a Substance] come as they will, but do not Entertain them" 890 (see also p.26); "The truth will set you free, but not until it's done with you" 973; "Addicts Don't Have Relationships, They Take Hostages" fn.292/1054 Abbott, E. 281; author of Flatland Abrams, Shoshana 756; rooms w/Spodek at ETA Academia de Vera Cruz 259; tennis academy in Mexico Academy of Visual Arts and Sciences 548; ACOA 1050; Adult Children of Alcoholics ACOG 1050; Adult Children of Gamblers (? 55; North Shore Assistant District Attorney who has it in for Gately; lives in "upscale Wonderland Valley section of Revere"; wife "needs Valium just to floss" 59; 818; 821; talking with Pat M. recovery" 277; advertising Statue of Liberty, 33, 367; "declining fortunes of broadcast television advertising, 150; sponsorships, 264, 266; TV-advertising's demise, 411; A.

) ACONA 1050; Adult Children of Narcotics Addicts Actaeon Complex 290; "deep phylogenic fear of transhuman beauty" A. about apologizing to Gately, 960; wears a Stetson w/feather, fn.14/984-85; ad valorem 33; Latin: to value.

coordinator of the pan-Canadian Resistance (92); "once studies under radical Edmonton Jesuits" 420; "late regional patron" of the Antitoi brothers, 480; "of the Gaspé Peninsula" 480; 722; Duquette 233; fn.145/1027; film critic at M. feminist protesters at Yale/Brown basketball game Eighties Bill bets on Dymphna 17; 9-year-old soft-skulled, blind tennis kid from "Nowheresburg, Iowa" who will be enrolling at ETA "next term"; "little blind Illinois kid Thorp thought so well of" 246; Moment article on, 247; 518; 567; E., Tommy 960; at AA/NA meeting with Mikey E. ) Eighties Bill "sartorially eccentric cranio-facial-pain-specialist" (not named), 721; upscale gambler who figured in Fackelmann's downfall, 926; son of Sixties Bob, 931; "Sorkin's personal migrainologist" 931; Eisenstein 232; Elit[e] Diner 354; White Flaggers' hang-out, nextdoor to Steve's Donuts in Enfield Center Ellis, Bret Easton 191; "ghastly" American novelist Empire Waste Displacement 121; catapults waste into the Great Convexity; 217; 241; 475 Endless Stem 221; a section of the Charles River (? Fortier, 127; 317; wife was born without a skull, 429; father's death, 490; dreams of father, 528; A. MCI-Billerica 462; where Gately did some time (Mass. 137; MA Department of Correction; 210 Meech Lake Accord 1013; I, II & III; III was "Ottawa's last attempt to placate Québec with a constitutional amendment formalizing the Gallic province's right to 'preserve and promote' a 'distinct society and culture.'" 1021; Méliès 219; molded plastic chair of, in Notkin's apartment Melinda 229 (unnamed); "beautiful young woman" high on Ecstacy, dancing in front of mirror, at Notkin's party; 233; 235 Menelaus 105; king of Sparta at the time of the Trojan War; husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon. 1909-1984 methedrine addict from New Bedford 194; woman who hangs w/Gately at Ennet House Metheun-Andover border 456; locus of mammoth effectuators, in no. the Odalisque, fn.24/988; N., Dicky 445; Crocodile N., Didi See Neaves, Didi N., Maureen 826; C. ), 960; Nunhagen-Aspirin 341; of Framington MA; Cranio-Facial Pain ads, 413; Nwangi, Tony 98; ETA prorector; "hatchet-faced Kenyan" (fn.73/998) O., Bud 844; Ennet House resident who visits Gately at St. Those who serve best usually win." 952; match-wrap, 966; See also Show, the; Terminex 44; roach exterminators in Phoenix, AZ.

organizer north of the Great Concavity" 58; Gately's strangulation victim (59); "victim's prior involvement with the widow of the auteur " 91; Perec was "stenographer-cum-jeune-fille-de-Vendredi ["Girl Friday"] to, 92; former ass't. Dworkinite Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx 929; Brown Univ. Teresa 235; sculpture by Gianlorenzo Bernini; 238; in Pre-Nuptial Agreement of Heaven and Hell, 742; Egede or Egette 891; ex-lover of Gately's: "sharp-nosed round-cheeked dead-eyed nurse with a weird Germanish accent [who] couldn't come close to coming unless he burned her with a cigarette" 891 egregulous 272; unidentifiable word (typo? 928; in Providence RI; Eighties Bill "cast himself as White Knight in Bidding for majority control" Fellini 185; 8_ felo de se 286; Latin: suicide; 308; Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx 307; Fenton 47; paranoid-schizophrenic on educational cartridge Fentress 254; ETA teacher feral hamsters 58; 93; 561; possible ETA sighting by Blott, 668; "Piranha of the Plains" 670; feral infant See Infant, The "Ferocious Francis" see Gehaney, Francis Fiends in Human Shape, The 156; band's name on Pemulis' T-shirt; lead singer looks like Mildred Bonk (to Bruce Green), 276; 582; figurants 835; silenced background characters in drama and ballet Fils de Montcalm fn.110/1011-12; Québec separatist organization; fn.304/1057, dropped shit-filled pie shell onto the rostrum of U. President Gentle's second Inaugural" 1061; finski 331 3; fin. Makulic, Bernard 634; "little 14-C" at ETA Malone 411; owned TCI cable TV network Mann fn.24/987; filmmaker parodied in Himself's Death in Scarsdale Man o' War Grille 682; Portuguese restaurant on Prospect in Cambridge, where Matty Pemulis is; map 129; slang term for face; personal map, 196; "personal competitive map" fn.75; "utter demapping" fn.75; "eliminate their own map for keeps" (commit suicide), 220; 231; "keep his map shut when he's got nothing important to say" 276; 280; de-mapping, 300; Marathe, Gertraud 89 (unnamed); 126; wife of Rémy; dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; born w/o a skull, 429; 529; 752; "among the first Swiss children of southwestern Switzerland to become born without a skull" 779; her condition, 779; in a comatose state for almost one year, 780; Marathe, Rémy 88; member of "Wheelchair Assassins" and quadruple agent (fn.40/995); "Something bigger than the self [...] You are what you love" 107; wife dying of ventricular restenosis, 126; "eidetic, near-perfect in recall" 127; reports to M. believes him to be a triple agent, 529; at Ennet House, 730; "prepared to die violently at any time" 732; w/paranoid addict who raves about the "metal" people, 735; at Ennet House w/Pat M., 747; aka "Henri" 748; w/Kate Gompert, 774; how he met his wife, 777; "a used Kenbeck pacemaker for Maranthe's father, now deceased" fn.313/1062; Marblehead 55; where ADA and wife go to "celebrity sailing thing" Marlon 386; perpetually wet former ETA student & Orin's doubles partner Martin, Dean 863; American actor and singer Martinez, Eugenio 177; volunteer alumnus counselor at Ennet House & Gately's counselor when he was a resident; 196; 273; "ex coke and -phone-bunko guy whose left ear had been one of his Losses" and "grizzled Filipino" 466; Marxist Film-Cartridge Theory 227; subject of Notkin's oral critique for Ph. M*A*S*H 639; 70s TV show with which Steeply's father was obsessed; U. Korean Police Action only lasted two years, 644; 834; masks- "blank facial masking" 72; Lemon Pledge husks "a battery of five-holed masks" 223; Notkin's Karl Marx, 227; guy in wheelchair tailing Orin with "some kind of domino-mask" 245; "Wayne's father is an asbestos miner who [...] wears triple-thick masks" 262; "a disguise that makes [Lenz] look like Cesar Romero after a terrible accident" 276; Massachussetts Department of Public Health 138; of which Division of Substance Abuse Services is a part Material 222; dope Mathis, Johnny 102; American pop crooner (50s-60s); "Chances Are" Mc Cartney, Linda 978; wife of Paul; CD of just her contributions to Wings tunes Mc Cartney, Paul 978; former Beatle and leader of Wings Mc Dade, Wade 177; resident at Ennet House; tatoos, 206; 363; "a young hard-core flask-alkie from Ashland KY" 469; 533; Mc Gee fn.304/1055; "-like chaos" unknown reference Mc Gruff 880; "the freaking crime dog;" Smokey The Bear-ish mascot for law enforcement. Merman, Ethel 214; American comic actress and singer noted for her poweful voice. Robert ("Sixties Bob") 927; "septuagenarian pink-sunglasses-and-Nehru-jacket-wearing N. He of Troy." Menelaus, 105; Medusa, 190, 529; Popogatapec, 243; "It's a myth no one misses [the Substance]" 273; 528; Circe, 529; "Polycleitos body, Hermes or Theseus before his trials" 636; Job, 740, 895; Promethean-guilt angle, 791; Incandenza family, 838; Camilla, "goddess of speed and light step" 965; "visually lethal mythologic females" in Himself's "The Medusa v. Rivermen 742; football team Nucci, Vinnie ("Nooch") 886; "favored Dilaudid and spent over a year without ever taking the belt off his wing, dropping through Osco skylights at night on a rope"; "for whom Gately also occasionally held the rope on late-night Osco-and-Rite-Aid-skylight missions" 914; at AA/NA meeting (? S.'s Reconfigurative giveaway" 438; 439-42; fn.304/1057; Sudbury Half-Measures Avail Us Nothing Group 563; AA group whose Chair used to be a nuclear auditor for the Defense industry ("used tod wear a four-piece suit and the fourth piece was him") Sunstrand Power & Light 342; Himself's ad for, fn.24/986; "like being down at Sunstrand Plaza when they fired the transformers" fn.234/1042; "O. (American Heritage Dictionary) Syrian Satellite Pro 216; at ETA for "two paid weeks of corrective instruction" Tallat-Kelpsa, Audern 118; younger ETA student; 265; Tap & Whack 515; grueling tennis drill, aka "Puker" Tarantino, Quentin 185; American filmmaker (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) Tarkovsky , Andrey 185; "some Russian guy" (1932-1986), Soviet film director Tassigny 722; A. 975; box carried by a "very bland groomed collegeish guy in a Wembley tie, during Fackelmann's demise Tavis, Charles ("C. Incandenza's half-brother or adoptive brother, depending on the version' 81; "his collection of platform shoes and unconvincing hairpieces and Stair Master" 253; 285; becomes Assistant Headmaster at ETA, 286-87; possibly Mario's biological father, 451; "a reverse-Buddhism, a state of Total Worry" 451; background, 516; "possibly the openest man of all time" "a cross-section of a person" 517; 526; 655; "a master charmer past all social gauge" fn.266/1046; "Gretel the Cross-Sectioned Dairy Cow" fn.269/1048; "misadventure at Himself's funeral" 907, 910; Tavis, Elizabeth 901; Avril's step-mother, "an American widow [who] seems almost certainly to have been a dwarf" 901; "still alive and somewhere in Alberta" 953; tecato gusano 200; "some kind of interior psychic worm that cannot be sated or killed" (Latin slang for one's addiction) Tech Talk Daily 182; CD-ROM student paper at MIT teleputer See TP Tenderhole, Bridget 300; Boston prostitute who copes for Poor Tony tennis- and drugs, 67; combination of chess & boxing, 81; Schtitt's theories on, 81-84; "The true oponent, the enfolding boundary, is the player himself" 84; Stan Smith cartridge, 110; "It's an individual sport" 112; 3 types of student (Despairing; Obsessive; Complacent), 115; "sheer repetitive weight makes it sink down into the gut" 117; and Brando, 158; the ball, 160; The Zone, 166; service,172; seeding, 174; in the groove, 242-43; 258; "largely mental" 269; college recruiting, 284; after achieving top ranking, 436; the Fresno family that's poisoned, 436; dawn drills, 452; "This second world inside the lines" 459; "junior players don't have the emotional juice left over after tennis to face what dating requires" 635; "Axiom: the man who has to hit up from the net is going to get passed" 653; what top tennis requires, 675-76; famous burnouts, 676; Billboard Who Walks, 676; gestalt or complete game, 679; "ability to transcend the goal" 680; Sydrome of the Endless Party, 681; "Life is like tennis. and continental Reconfiguration; and Luria P.("a great and timeless love"), 94, 105-06; 312; 392; "former O.

"In proportion to the value" addiction marijuana, 17; giving one's self away, 53; "Drug addicts [...] are not often inclined toward violent crime" 55; "Who teaches your U.

130; junkie in Boston; 300; China Pearl Place 133; in Boston Chit Chat Farms Rehabilitation of Pennsylvania State 749; where Maranthe (as Henri, the Swiss) did detox Choosy Mothers 582; (name taken from 1970s era slogan of Jif peanut butter: "Choosy mothers choose Jif." Chore Boys 222; 225 Chrétien, J.

Tour 111; 259 Au Bon Pain 130; cafe in Harvard Square; 212 Avalon, Frankie 168 Axford, Trevor ("The Axhandle") 50; ETA student; clean-urine sales (w/Pemulis), 151; "only three-and-a-half digits on his right hand" 332; fireworks accident 3 Interdependence Days past, 512; "a true redheaded person" 512; fell off his bike and "received a tiny lesion-type brain injury after which all food everywhere tastes horrible to him" 628; Big Buddy to Penn and Ingersoll, fn.209/1035 Axhandle, the See Axford, Trevor B., Louise 348; White Flag Group member and attempted suicide Bacon 199; "Bacon's popes" Bain, Kevin 800; Marlon's older brother, at Inner Infant group Hal happens upon; parents killed in traffic helicopter accident, 803; "short thick person with a dark swart face" 805; Bain, Marlon 46; ETA student in Orin's dream; Orin's affair with his sister, 47; 246; ETA student when Orin attended, 284; 296; had O. D., 1039; excessive sweating, fn.234/1039; in Death in Scarsdale , fn.234/1039; "practically lived" with the Incandenzas in Weston AZ, fn.234/1043; letter to Steeply, fn.269/1047; mother "decapitated by a plummeting rotorblade" 1051; in Himself's films, 687; Balbalis 726; A. Robert, 927; See also Mc Cartney, Paul Belbin, Jennifer 207; Ennet House resident w/teardrop tatoos; 363; 596; Benny, Jack 828; American entertainer Bernini 235; "Ecstacy of St. Québecois Sepératiste Left term for Office of Unspecified Services; See Unspecified Service, Office of Bud, Uncle 221; Joelle's; 239 Bulat, Doshka (? 322; author of Pilgrim's Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come Buñuel 185; French ?? This index is based on Tim Ware's Infinite Jest index [pregnant pause] well..fact it IS Ware's index (except for a few ads I've added) and I post it here because the old url at (indeed itself) has gone to a better place. If Tim gets wind if this and asks me to remove it, I shall do so post haste. Gilles 792; "posthumous Incest and the Life of Death in Capitalist Entertainment de Lint, Aubrey F. ) for "antique blue lava-lamp and a lavender-tinged apothecary's mirror" 481-82; Pemulis researching, 785; fn.8/984; per Pemulis: "doesn't show up on a G. the fly agaric mushroom" 66; Parnate, 70; Thousand-Meter Stare, 76; "involuted marijuana-type thinking" 136; Talwin, 210; Ecstacy, 230; marijuana addiction, 503; cocaine hydrolysis' effect on various characters in IJ, fn.232/1037; "Marijuana Thinking" fn.269/1048; "operating a pharmaceutical company without a license" 699; "humboldt County hydroponic marijuana" 804; Tenuate, fn.3/983; P. 811; name used for high-interest account of Ewell's Money-Stealers' Club DMZ 170; [Link to Oneirine] powerful psychedelic described as "temporally-cerebral and almost ontological", aka Madame Psychosis ; 211-15; "envision acid that has itself dropped acid" 214; "time-tested entrepôt" 216; traded to Antitois by old hippy (Sixties Bob? [...] Struck tracked this down off an obscure Digestive-Flora footnote. If the stuff shows up at all it shows as a slight case of imbalanced yeast" fn.321/1064; "original intent was to induce what they called quote transcendent experiences in [...] chronic alcoholics in the like 1960s at Verdun Protestant Hospital in Montreal" fn.321/1064; Doocey, Tommy 18 (not named); "kept several large snakes" 39; 75; his hairlip, 179; 584; dope acid trails, 43; one-hitter, 49; at E. A., 53; "oral narcotis addicts tend to operate on an extremely rigid physical schedule of need and satisfaction" 57; Seldane, 60; "Amanita Muscaria, a.k.a. Leap like a knight of faith into the arms of Peano, Leibniz, Hilbert, L'Hôpital.

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