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A Melanoleuca has me foxed but a lot of them look the same. Thursday 4th December 2014 People know I am interested in fungi and send me terrible photos, asking me to identify them.

(Link to new North West Fungus Group site) The intrepid Myko Golfer, winner of the Golf Cup, is now providing regular updates to our website. Monday 29th December 2014 The snow has nearly gone.I had recently sent a couple of samples to him so that he could take a photograph. Saturday 20th December 2014 I popped into Tesco to buy my essential Christmas stocks.There is flowerbed right outside the main entrance that is heavily woodchipped. Why did it not grow on the many other flowerbeds in the car park?We collected a few fungi on the way round including Lyophyllum fumosum, which I eventually identified from the globose white spores. There was a good collection of species considering the date. I counted a good number of Melanoleuca polioleuca (Common Cavalier) under a newly planted tree. This was followed by a Lepiota that looks like Lepiota castanea except the spores are tiny.So I agreed to assist as long as it does not impinge on all my other fungal commitments, or my golf, or my allotment, or my horseracing or my********** Sunday 30th November 2014 Another beautiful November day so I decided to take a look at Raven Meols Hills in Formby as I hope to run a foray there next year. I noticed that I was sitting beside a patch of Tulostomas melanocyclum (Scaly Puffball). The Mycena meliigina were still on the poplar tree but have been joined by another species. I also found Agaricus campestris (Field Mushroom) on one of the tees. Monday 24th November 2015 When I go to my allotment, I park my car opposite the gates to the local golf club. Our first find was of a yellow milkcap with purple milk by a pond. I did identify it as Lepiota langei but it appears this one has been split into two and given different names. Other highlights were Russula persicina, an Ainsdale speciality.

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