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One of the leading authorities in strip clubs in, like, the entire universe called this “the best strip club in New Orleans, period,” so you knew it was going to make the list here.

Unlike some New Orleans clubs where the dark light can lead to some VERY regrettable decisions, the Big Easy’s best club three years running isn’t afraid to show off its gourmet-restaurant décor, its -worthy dancers, or its multiple levels of VIP suites.

Aside from possibly having the best name in the history of Alaskan strip clubs (which we’re guessing isn’t all that extensive, but whatever) hot strippers know that the uncomfortably high male-to-female ratio in the Last Frontier means that guys will pay good chunks of their Alaska Permanent Fund check on buck-tucking and lap dances.

An added bonus: if you go in the Winter you won’t have to worry about spending all night in a strip club and being assaulted by the sun when you walk outside since, well, THE SUN DOESN'T EVER COME OUT. The dancers -- who are a minimum of 21 years old -- also compete for an annual college scholarship (confusingly, since they are a minimum of 21, but, whatever, COLLEGE!

Case in point: Stripperoke, where you take the stage and belt out the song of your choice and heavily tatted girls disrobe.

There are probably plenty of people at any given strip club that will tell you size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to the legendary Mons Venus on Tampa’s Broadway of strip clubs Dale Mabry Highway, it actually isn’t just being polite.

This tiny strippery might lack booze, but what it lacks in alcohol it makes up for in -- dancer-for-dancer -- the best-looking collection of ladies in the country.

Someday you’ll be sitting in a movie theater, watching a big-budget Hollywood movie, and say, “Hey, I’m pretty sure that girl making out with Zac Efron danced for me one time.” At least that’s what the girl currently grinding on your gym shorts for will have you believe, since every single dancer in this West LA strip hall is just doing this until she catches her “big break”. Now if you read the news -- or spend enough time in Tampa -- it might have you convinced it's also the way many of the local residents arrived in Florida, but you'll definitely be convinced that the you spend on a full-nude lap dance from girls almost-as-hot as the ones down the street at Mons is the best you’ve ever spent in three minutes. And thus, at Portland’s famous Acropolis, you can score a 16oz T-bone -- with potatoes and salad! The service is laid back and friendly, most of the dancers double as Suicide Girls and are just as happy cracking wise as they are casually (no pressure!

And while the words “playmate”, “model”, and “girl who'd make me piss myself before talking to in a club” will usually be said multiple times while sitting at the rail, the odds are a lot more likely her “big break” will involve starring in a film with a name that ends in “Volume 9”. -- and a beer from a huge tap list, then eat it while you watch a woman fully disrobe. ) trying to sell dances, and audience participation is key.

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