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The British architect Thomas Graham Jackson called it in 1887 the smallest cathedral in the Christianity, because of its monumental architectural conception.

One of the most important monuments of the Pre-Romanesque architecture in Europe is the Church of St. According to [Goss, p 92], a discovery of wooden beams in this monumental church, adorned with interlace, datable by carbon method to around 710, indicates that this building, often referred to as "Carolingian", was well-under construction in the course of eighth century.

Truly fantastic stone monuments with interlace patterns were found in Dubrovnik and its environs, see [Menalo].

See also another Croatian interlace in the cathedral of St. Monolithic stone grave monuments, called stechak (literally - standing tombstones), are very impressive, some of them weighing 30 tons, the earliest of them dating from the 13th century.


Croatian translation: Ovaj izvor naime prima slabe, da ih učini prosvijetljenima.

Ivana Krstitelja, da zagovara njega i njegova štićenika.

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Marinus, stone-carver born on the beautiful island of Rab in the 3rd century.

Being a Christian, he had to escape to Rimini with his boat due to Roman persecutions of Christians during Diocletian's time. Every year a joint festival is held alternately in Rab and San Marino.

This important Croatian cultural heritage is still in Yugoslavia. The author, an outstanding Scottish architect, mentions the beauty of Split and its favorable position and climate, stating that ``in the whole of the wide Roman Empire, not a single region could offer Diocletian a more marvelous place to withdraw to for a life of peace''. The octagonal Mausoleum of the Roman Emperor Diocletian was transformed into the Christian church of St Dominius (Dujam) already in the 7th century, representing very probably the oldest cathedral in the world.

An important monograph describing Diocletian's Palace in Split is "Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia" written by Robert Adam in 1764, with his main associate Ch. He designed several buildings in the style of Diocletian's palace (Syon House in Middlesex, Kedleston in Derbyshire, Adelphy Palace in London). According to Danish scientist Ejnar Dyggve, St Dominius (Dujam), the earliest known bishop of Salona (4th century), originated from Syria or Mesopotamia. It is little known that the founder of the Republic of San Marino is St.

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