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AOL, meanwhile, gives free accounts to safer-sex counselors and temporarily posted public-service announcements last year."We take our members' health very seriously," said AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein. He has a younger brother though ((Dalin, also 18, just how birthdays worked out) that to most people is way better looking. Unfortunately he is straight as fuck and has a girlfriend.Online's refusal to interfere with its huge network of chat rooms, public health officials are considering legal action to force AOL and certain websites to warn members about outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases among gay men who use their services."They're clearly facilitating the transmission of STDs and new HIV infections," said Dr.Jeffrey Klausner, the city of San Francisco's outspoken STD czar.

Failing that, Klausner said he's content to see websites support other ways to educate visitors about sexual health.

After that we went to sleep, and I haven't spoken to him since that night.

Hopefully I'll see him soon and be able to repeat that hot night.

When we were sure everyone was asleep, he took off his shirt. " At first I thought that I would just suck dick and be done, but I realized he was as gay as I was. Finally a reached the top of his pants and I kissed his bulge.

With that I grabbed his face and we started making out. I wanted to suck him but he said " let me suck you first" so I pulled my pants down and he went down on me. I grabbed his muscular arms and just let it all happen.

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