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That got Toot thinking as to whether it’d be a possibility to do the same for UMass. The same could not be said of Maine’s beloved mascot, Bananas, who passed out and was MIA when the press conference started.

Good news is he is alright and should be up and pushing around shopping carts full of rubber pucks in no time.

Caron made sure to mention that Toot was the best dressed of the four coaches, sporting a suit while the other wore polo shirts.

Toot kidded that he wore the suit because he went to church to thank God for the opportunity to play at Fenway. Lastly, I asked Toot if the game was played tonight who he’d put in net because, well isn’t that what everyone wants to know?

He said he’d have to go with his veteran (Jeff Teglia), but that there was a lot of time between now and the game. Donnellan struggled to get playing time, so it’s not unexpected to see him absent from the list.

▲ At the press conference this year’s roster and official schedule was released. I always thought that Donnellan played well enough during his limited time and really hoped he’d be used as a forward last year when the team was obviously lacking a physical element. Certainly good luck to him wherever his future takes him.

Obviously if he’s more of a wing Rocco Carzo, who really needs to bounceback from a disappointing season, would center Pereira and Sheary.

The rumors became true today as a press conference took place at Fenway Park to announce Frozen Fenway 2012. There are potentially other events and even some community skating lined up, but the college hockey doubleheader between the four New England flagships is the pinnacle of the ice being laid down at Fenway.

With the coming season’s roster now released, I figure it’s time to start guessing at some possible lines. Syner Gracel Hobbs Pereira La Rue Sheary Olczyk Carzo Power Tegeler Czepiel Guzzo Bench: Filiou, Auvenshine, Kiley, De Angelo Shea Marcou Allen Phillips Yevenko Hanley Bench: Raiola, Busillo, Rowe Teglia Bench: Boyle, Mastalerz, Moore There you have it.

I think it’s important to keep the wings of Syner-Hobbs and Pereira-Sheary together from last season.

“Holyoke” had a very solid season last year and I see him playing every night.

Andrew Tegeler seems like a similar player to Power and could see regular minutes.

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I’m actually a little surprised that Brock didn’t try to parlay last year’s honor as Hockey East’s Concannon Media Award winner into a Versus NHL gig, but it’ll be good to have him back. Here’s the Collegian’s coverage of the Fenway announcement.

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