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This forces Dan to return him back to his original size as well and he begins a fierce battle with Natsu shortly afterwards.

As Natsu refuses to give up and continues attacking offensively, the two Mages eventually end up in a chapel where the rest of Natsu's group is currently located, and Dan manages to shrink Natsu again with Habaraki.

He turns to fight against Romeo but is distracted by Lucy in her skimpy "wedding dress".

Enraged, Dan fiercely attacks Natsu, but misses and shrinks Lucy instead, which causes him to tearfully apologize to her and call himself a bad lover.

However, he refuses to return her to her original size and decides to keep her shrunk as a lucky charm instead.

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Dan hails from a port-like town called Cedar, where the citizens depend on the local knights, who protect the town and the church.

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