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First, you start the build-a-sex-doll process by picking out the material you want it to be made of. Because the cold, detached embrace of plastic and silicone is always very comforting. You can choose a lightweight cloth doll that can double as a body pillow, a soft plastic doll with detachable limbs (if you’re secretly into that), or you can choose silky silicone skin with titanium bones and bendable joints, for a flexible yoga instructor-esque doll. Next, you get to choose your favorite out of ten different faces for your new lady friend, and pick out her hairstyle, including how much or how little hair you want her to have. In recent years, scientists have posed the theory that fumes from alcohol on board caused an explosion that, as a result of scientific anomaly, did not leave behind signs of burning—but was terrifying enough that Briggs ordered everyone into the lifeboat.On November 24, 1971, Dan Cooper was a passenger on Northwest Airlines Flight 305, from Portland to Seattle—a 30-minute flight.

He took his seat, lit a cigarette, and politely ordered a bourbon and soda, for which he paid cash.On February 26, searchers found the hikers’ abandoned tent, which had been .Surrounding the area were footprints left by the group, some wearing socks, some wearing a single shoe, some barefoot, all of which continued to the edge of a nearby wood.Theories floated include KGB-interference, drug overdose, UFO, gravity anomalies, and the Russian version of the Yeti.Recently, a documentary filmmaker presented a theory involving a terrifying but real phenomenon called “infrasound,” in which the wind interacts with the topography to create a barely audible hum that can nevertheless induce powerful feelings of nausea, panic, dread, chills, nervousness, raised heartbeat rate, and breathing difficulties.

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