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Can only be used within a TRY-ENDTRY block, where it defines a control block.

If a class-based exception is not caught with a CATCH statement, the system executes the statements between CLEANUP and ENDTRY, before passing the exception along the call hierarchy.

At the end of the transaction that has been called, the system returns to the statement following the call in the calling report.

The additions are used to skip the initial screen in the sequence or to pass a batch input table to the transaction.

Positions the list output either in the first column of the first line following the page header of the current page or in connection with RESERVE in the first column of the first line of a line block.

The program calls either a function module in the same R/3 System, or one from an external system, depending on the variant of the statement you use.

The LOAD addition loads a class explicitly from the Class Library.If it is false, processing within the loop is interrupted at the current loop pass, and the next loop pass is performed.Otherwise the system leaves the current processing block.They introduce statement blocks that must be closed with ENDAT.The statements between AT and ENDAT are only executed if the corresponding group change occurred.

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