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In the north, more than 600 residents were evacuated from six low-lying aboriginal riverside villages on Friday morning.I saw TV reporting that the typhoon may bring in up to one metre of rainfall.Seven people were also injured in Taipei, mostly by falling objects.More than 8,000 people have been moved from their homes, many from southern areas prone to landslides, according to officials.Thousands of people were evacuated in Taiwan and the entire island declared an “alert zone” as Typhoon Soulik made landfall early on Saturday morning, killing one person and injuring seven.In the capital Taipei, a 50-year-old police officer died after he was hit in the head by a brick that came loose during the typhoon, the Central Emergency Operation Centre said.

“My TV, computer, refrigerator and furniture were all flooded when (Typhoon) Saola hit in August.Free watch or download Taiwan sex video scandal naked pretty girl, joy naked sexy body of a beautiful girl who is passion, feel the pleasure of licking the lips and tongue on dick, once content to play with his mouth, feel the warm vagina of the girl who is ready for gripping the rod hard dick.In July, the Taiwanese parliament passed a controversial draft bill allowing the establishment of red light districts.More than 2,000 tourists had already been evacuated from the remote Green Island, southeast of Taiwan, on Thursday.The storm has disrupted air travel to and from Taiwan with 113 flights cancelled according to the transport authorities.

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They have been taken to local government buildings which have been turned into shelters.

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