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Our students were having to decide whether or not to join the fight, and the vast majority did.

Even while I sat at MLK50 listening to Perry, my students back in Oklahoma were taking up a new cause for protest down at the state capital: that same week, Oklahoma began what became a two-week statewide teacher walkout.This is a right and good love, because it is what God loves.May we do our best to walk alongside our students in this fight.And yet this is the generation we are privileged to disciple. As with every generation, this generation has not come to their positions on their own, but have looked toward the actions of their predecessors.They have seen our generation as we have fought against injustice – or as we have left injustice unfought.

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  2. I know many of you didn’t really care, but it’s a very small step of progress, especially considering there were rumors that NBC News was looking to replace Lauer with another man, because men in charge of news divisions can’t even comprehend the idea of not having a man front any show.