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Don't waste all your energy on a new boy or girlfriend, only to have the relationship explode and you quickly notice you no longer have anyone to call and complain too.Along with friends for comfort and support, also comes the peer pressure naturally found in all teens lives.Some concepts to consider are: Along with discussions around dating rules, it is important to revisit conversations about sex.Even if you have explained this process before, have that sex talk again. While as parents we might feel anxious about this type of conversation with our maturing child, having a teen pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease is far worse.Teen love involves finding someone who you are attracted to who understands and appreciates you. It can be hard to tell the difference between love and lust as a teen.This complicates the teen dating scene significantly.As you begin to explore a variety of relationships in your teens, try to listen to your inner voice, instead of the loud voices of your circle of friends.

Creating strong friendships is the first step toward a healthy teen dating life.Many teens feel they need to have a boy or girlfriend, but what is really most important is learning to build healthy relationships.Utilize this youthful time to explore a variety of healthy attachments, including family, friends and dating.Talk to your parents about rules and expectations, decide where and when you would like to out, and try to create some casual connections before taking the first big date alone together.There are many types of love: compassion for others, strong friendships or family connections. While it a normal physiological part of growing up, it can be very powerful and confusing.

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