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People think that alcohol in your system makes you speak from the heart and allows your true feelings to come out. When I was drunk I said things to people I didn't mean. On some occasions I've insulted people I really love or I've told complete strangers they were my new best friend and we should definitely stay in contact forever. I don't judge anyone...paralytically drunk, sober, or somewhere in between.I can still have really great nights out with my friends when they are all drinking. William: Ah, I didn't know you were teetotal, Helen! Helen: Right - so does this person just drink tea?! But actually, the word teetotal doesn't have anything to do with tea. I don't really drink, you know, and I always feel a bit awkward. This is an adjective that describes a person who doesn't drink alcohol. Before that time I used to drink like everyone else I suppose. It was there for celebrations, it was there for nights out with friends, it was there after a stressful day's work to help me unwind, it was there because it was Friday night or Saturday night.The positives it gave me were outweighed by the negatives. Let's listen to this example of the word being used: Helen: Can you say, "I don't feel like drinking beer tonight... Now, teetotal is an adjective, but there is also a noun that we can use. No, please tell Rob happy birthday but I don't feel like it tonight.

Honestly, the worst arguments I had with my husband were when we'd been drinking together. I knew that I had to stop completely or it might start creeping back into a regular routine. The amount of peer pressure to drink and having to justify my decision. But I can't say I don't drink because I'm a recovering alcoholic.Adverts focus on showing how wonderful every beer soaked, vodka driven moment is.And so you see that is my point exactly, there aren’t obligatory laws on having to have an alcoholic drink and behave in a certain way anywhere, so why do so many of us constantly feel this need to do it and fit in?Many of us drink for various reasons but for me there’s nothing worse than being with or seeing someone drunk simply for the sake of having to do it.And why does this unwritten code of drinking behaviour force so many of us to judge those who aren’t complying?

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