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When I first moved to Oakdale for one hour a day, Chicago was rarely mentioned.

It might come up if someone sought an abortion or needed an organ transplant.

The Snyder family came on the scene not long after I did.

They live on a farm in Luther’s Corners, which used to be quite a drive from Oakdale but now can be reached in approximately 30 seconds. Recently, the farm was to be sold and the land developed, but in a moment of crisis the family changed its mind and stayed put.

Young people in search of direction start out working as hospital orderlies.

One of these left Oakdale for six months and came back a pediatrician. In soap opera time, that’s long enough to get pregnant, give birth, and pack the kid off to boarding school.

Every few years a new African American person comes to town.

Almost everyone in town has been wrongly imprisoned at least once.

It has a convenient airport, with jets on stand-by if one needs a quickie divorce in “the Islands.” Like the town of Springfield, where the cartoon Simpsons live, it has whatever geographical features suit the story line.

Oakdale is an easy drive to the mountains, New York City, and of course, Chicago.

No one needs to use the bathroom before leaving the house.

Most of the people in Oakdale are doctors, nurses, lawyers, police detectives, fashion designers, television news anchors, successful entrepreneurs, or international shipping magnates.

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